Key Partners

Uzsoki Hospital - Budapest

With its excellent specialist team and up-to-date infrastructure, Uzsoki Hospital as a teaching hospital of Semmelweis University covers almost the full spectrum of medicine.

Our hospital’s department of orthopedics and traumatology performs approximately 3000 joint replacement surgeries annually, and it is also one of the largest cartilage-reconstruction centers in Central Europe possessing the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence certificate. The basis of this international recognition is that the hospital provides comprehensive sports medicine services for several soccer, handball and water polo sports clubs, as well as individual sportspeople and Hungarian national teams.

The hospital possesses quality assurance complying with the international standards (ISO 9001).

The professional background necessary for advantaged orthopedic and sports medicine services is provided by Prof. Dr. László Hangody and his medical team. Professor Hangody is an internationally acknowledged expert, having a broad range of surgical experiences and has performed surgeries in several JCI accredited hospitals. At present, he is the head of the Department of Traumatology, Semmelweis University and a guest speaker and lecturer of several universities in Hungary and abroad, who has given over 300 lectures at professional congresses.

National Center for Spinal Disorders - Budapest

This specialist private hospital covers virtually the entire diagnostic and treatment spectrum of all disorders of the spine. The Center has gained international recognition for its complex method of reasoning behind the treatment of spinal disorders and the orthopedic and philosophical innovations that have come out of the Center to later become universally accepted methods of treatment of the spine.

The hospital possesses quality assurance complying with the international standards (ISO 9001).

The Center was founded and is directed by professor Peter Pal Varga, MD, who has broad-range of spinal surgical experience and is a spinal surgeon recognized worldwide. Professor Varga has given over 400 lectures at Hungarian and international congresses and has published 106 scientific papers in medical journals. He possesses several patent rights and after winning several Hungarian and international awards, he received the "Excellence in Education” award of AOSpine in 2012.

International Pető Institute - Budapest

The method of conductive education was developed and made world-famous by a professor with expertise in rehabilitation, András Pető (1893-1967). The core of Pető’s conductive education is holistic personality development (learning based on skill development), which can be effectively used both in children and adults with diseases originating in the musculoskeletal or central nervous system during the development of other skills (cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis).

International Pető Institute and College educates the methodology in a practice-centered form and is a center of worldwide recognition for international conductor training and conductive education.

Róbert Károly Private Clinic - Budapest

The main attractions of this private clinic providing top-level services are one-day surgery service based on highly qualified specialists with a large case number, obstetrics and gynecology and the scope of services approved by regulations to treat infertility.

The efficacy indexes of the institute meeting the international standards are among the highest in Hungary, hence the statistical odds of getting pregnant are better than average.


ScanoMed Diagnostic Center - Budapest and Debrecen

This diagnostic center based on top-quality technology performs mainly PET-CT scans.

The service provider’s unit in Budapest has specialized in oncological and neurological FDG PET CT scans, while the unit in Debrecen is one of the largest traditional nuclear medicine centers in Hungary with uniquely integrated diagnostic procedures.

The inpatient healthcare services of the complex cover isotope therapy of malignant diseases and treatment of inflammatory joint diseases which are difficult to treat.