Sport medicine

In case of sports injuries, the most important is to minimize the time period between the injury and restarting sport activity. Rehabilitation started as early as possible following the injury or surgery does not only facilitate rapid and effective recovery and smooth returning to sports, but also decreases the risk of repeated occurrence of further sports injuries.

The aim of treatments used for prevention is however to screen musculoskeletal defects and dysfunctions following the assessment of the general condition and to use sports-physiotherapeutic treatments (manual therapy, massage, etc.) in order to prevent injuries.

The composition of special sports rehabilitation and prevention packages is always individually tailored, the construction is determined by the results of examinations performed by a specialist and is delivered by well-educated and experienced rehabilitation experts, using professional medical devices.

Rehabilitation and prevention of acute sports injuries

The basic purpose of treatment is to restore joint functions, reach the earlier physiologic or the highest achievable range of motion in the given circumstances or to stabilize joints and strengthen the surrounding muscles.

With help of this therapy recovery following sports injuries and surgical interventions can be accelerated, the performance can be maximized, and further cartilage damage can be prevented.

Condition assessment for individual and team athletes

Nowadays, there are diverse tools allowing the assessment of the athletes’ physiological conditions, mapping their postures and the physiological activity of movements in order to identify even hidden diseases.

By using the most advanced movement analysis and biomechanical tools, special walking, balance and maximal force tests, knee-joint examinations and 3D ultrasound spine examinations may be performed allowing to find the hidden reserves in the athlete’s body, their skills to be further developed and it may be possible to identify any overload or potential vulnerability.

Condition assessment for those doing technical sports (Fit4Race)

With special tests (assessment of physiological condition, genetic tests, biomechanical movement-analysis, psychological and stress-tests, etc.) developed for the field of technical sports (e.g. car, motor), the sportsmen’s physical and mental skills that can be developed and their weaknesses can be brought to surface and based on the results, the weaknesses may be purposefully developed.

As supplementary services, the assistance of specialists (physiotherapist, coach, dietitian) dealing with competitors already on the field is also available. Therefore, skill improvement can be promoted during the trainings or races as well (e.g. special warming-up, massage, etc.) in order to help the competitor deal with physical and mental problems and unexpected situations (such as extreme heat), along with recommendation based on the posterior evaluation in order to reach the best possible results.