Medical check ups

Screening programs


The general meaning of prevention is to prevent something from happening. According to a legend, in old Eastern cultures the doctor was only paid as long as his patient was healthy, that is, health preservation had an important role.

Unfortunately, prevention is not treated in the right way these days, but parallelly with the development of mankind, its role seems to become more and more valued both in medicine and healthcare services. It has a simple cause, namely that health preservation is typically associated with lower costs than the treatment of diseases that have developed due to the lack of it, and these treatment costs are constantly increasing everywhere in the world.

On the other hand, by the rapid development of science and technology, diagnostic devices that provide a great help in disease prevention, the detection of their early stages and in the selection of an appropriate therapy are constantly being developed.


With advancing age, the body becomes less and less resilient, therefore almost all age groups or different target groups are recommended to chose from the different diagnostic packages.

Some types of our screening programs developed in consideration of age, gender or other aspects:

  • Manager screening
  • Screening program for women (under 40 years, over 40 years)
  • Screening program for men (under 40 years, over 40 years)
  • Sport prevention screening program
  • Other specific screening programs (elderly, children, other)